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pre:fab events and costs are currently funded by Groupwork Architecture Aotearoa. Groupwork operates under a redistributive model whereby profits from commercial architecture work pay for research, events, and community development for the practice and for pre:fab. pre:fab will soon be registered as a charitable trust, and will seek grant funding as an additional finance avenue. The conference last year was run by volunteer labour, and Groupwork spent $240 on food for the event, and $60 on workshop materials. The remaining material resources were crowd sourced by attendees or obtained via sponsorship. No person/s financially benefitted from the event. 

pre:fab is a free event and platform open to anyone.

If you would like to join pre:fab or contribute to it with resources, time, or funding, please get in touch. Support in these areas help keep pre:fab free:pab.


20 August 2022


31 Symonds Street

Tāmaki Makaurau



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